Open Source Enterprise Services for Small Business

I build and maintain enterprise-class computer systems for small businesses, using quality open-source components, and backed by a diverse network of independent contractors.

  • Enterprise-class: My systems are designed ground up for serious business applications, not slapped together from consumer grade hardware and hastily written software. I build everything out of well-vetted components, with an eye toward stability, scalability, and extensibility.
  • Small business: I aim to serve the small and medium business market, and have years of experience in the area. I'm aware of the difficulty that small businesses have in affording quality computer solutions, and am ready to help with flexible cost-saving engineering.
  • Open source: Open source software gives me the power to make good on both my promises. Whether the goal is simple web hosting or complex custom programming, open source licenses give me the freedom to get the job done right, without hidden costs or third-party interference.
  • Independent contractor network: Avoid the recurring cost (and management hassle) of a large on-site computer staff. Leverage a network of bright, self-motivated entrepreneurs to tackle even the largest tasks affordably. Open project management practices mean you'll never feel out of control, yet you don't have to hold all the reins.

See my resume and bookmarks for an overview of my specialties, read some reviews of my work, and contact me with any questions or project proposals you have.