Client Recommendations

"Nathan demonstrated exceptional technical capabilities in infrastructure configuration and management, customer operations, back-end development, and more in support of the Infochimps Cloud for Big Data product suite. His expertise not only resulted in a very robust product foundation, but also an essential open source roadmap and strategy. Nathan always exhibited a professional attitude and collaborative approach aimed toward the betterment of the team and company as a whole."
-- Tim Gasper, Director of Product at Infochimps, via LinkedIn

"When you find an Engineer who can speak to and for the market, who understands the power of the collective community and who puts forth effort to communicate - well, you know you've found a gem."
-- Amanda McGuckin Hager, Director of Marketing at Infochimps, via LinkedIn

"Nathaniel's ability to develop and maintain infrastructure automation second to none. Thanks to him, our systems are always a breeze to setup and maintain and his professional hard-nosed attitude keeps them that way. When I get a chance to assemble my dream team, I need Nathan to be on it."
-- Logan Lowell, Data Engineer at Infochimps, via LinkedIn

"We built our Chef implementation of a complicated Hadoop / RabbitMQ / Clojure / Redis / AWS based cluster on top of Ironfan. I worked pretty closely with Nathan many times where he helped us get past some problems and helped us figure out how to best utilize it. It was clear that he was deeply knowledgable about Chef, Hadoop and Ops in general. Plus he was always a pleasure to work with and I would look forward to the times we got to meetup at conferences and do some hacking on Ironfan. I'm hoping we'll find a way to work together in the near future!"
-- Robert Berger, CTO/Co-Founder at Runa, via LinkedIn

"I'm happy that I could work on various projects with Nathan at National Instruments. His incredible technical knowledge and friendly attitude helped the team a lot and me as well with different IT technical questions. He's initiative, very persistent problem solver, quick learner and a really helpful guy!"
-- Sandor Attila Szabo, IT Team Lead at National Instruments, via LinkedIn

"Nathan was invaluable to our migration of a large Perforce installation from a Windows server (where it has been running for 10+ years) to a Linux server. Nathan used his Linux knowledge to create a set of scripts to test and automate the migration process. When unexpected Perforce issues came up late in the game, Nathan created an elegant solution when the vendor's support team could not."
-- Mike Hall, Mike Hall, Principal Engineer at National Instruments, via LinkedIn

"Nathan Eliot is one of those rare technical people who communicates very well, has a deep commitment to customer service, and has any easy going demeanor that end users immediately warm up to. Nathan was key to the success of a very risky and technical project during his time on my team. It was clear to me that he is a very skilled Unix/Linux administrator who can 'think outside the box' to get things done. Fundamentally, system availability and performance are at the core of everything Nathan works on. If one was looking for a highly skilled Level 3 or 4 Unix/Linux administrator, Nathan absolutely meets that requirement."
-- Eric McCraw, IT Manager at National Instruments, via LinkedIn

"We honestly don't understand anything about how Nathan does what he does, but the end result is that our servers and code migrations work really, really well. We have no idea what he looks like or what he's up to when we're not bothering him, but we suspect he only uses his technical powers for good."
-- Brain Candy, LLC, via the website credits for

"Nathan displays an extraordinary ability to bridge the gap between plain English and computerese. While putting together a web site for me he patiently walked me through the steps needed for me to manage and utilize the site to its fullest potential on my own. Nathan successfully dragged me kicking and screaming into the 21st century."
-- Patrick Cardiff, owner of Cardiff Art, via LinkedIn

"Nathaniel is very engaged in the use and promotion of Free and Open Source Software. He has helped promote Gnu/Linux and FOSS to school districts. He has also been very helpful in the establishment of the non-profit which helps to put computers with Gnu/Linux in the hands of economically disadvantaged public school students. He is a team player who is adept at troubleshooting and has boundless energy."
-- Donald Davis, head of ReGLUE non-profit, via LinkedIn

"Nathaniel is a creative worker who applies intelligence to whatever project he takes on. During our time together, he was always someone I could bounce ideas off, and he would tell me what he thought without trying to 'spin' the boss. A good person, I am proud to have worked with him."
-- Stephen Sopko, CEO at Steve Jackson Games, via LinkedIn

"Nathaniel was a system engineer at Steve Jackson Games while I was working as a webmaster. His ability to prioritize and task management has been like no other I have worked with. He had a full knowledge of the products and operating systems he worked with. He was also very knowledgeable in the art of web mastery and aided me when I would have issues. I miss my time working with him, because I knew I could always rely on him."
-- Leroy Everett, Webmaster at Steve Jackson Games, via LinkedIn